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Dust and Dreams

Film-making has many parallels with the art of magic. David Copperfield’s job as a grand illusionist is similar to that of a visual effects artist, making his audience believe what we’re seeing is real and true.

Both artists use the power of illusion to enchant their audiences and operate with a low tolerance for errors, where the smallest glitch can shatter the carefully orchestrated suspension of disbelief. The medium of film may be more forgiving in terms of fixing errors in post-production, but there are so many moving parts that calibrating everything perfectly from concept to screen can prove to be challenging and at times overwhelming.


The Many Masks of Mcavoy

James McAvoy was once described as “a Scottish Michael J. Fox”. While the actor has a similar unassuming, likable and charming quality to Fox, who made a name for himself playing comedic roles, he’s proving to be anything but typecast.


There’s Something About Scarlett

Bodacious, courageous, vivacious…it can only be Scarlett Johansson! While she grew up with “little money”, her film buff mother took young Scarlett to many commercial and film auditions, where she eventually landed a role in North in 1994. Despite a promising start with praise for her “peaceful aura”, her breakthrough performance only came seven years later in dark comedy, Ghost World.

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Hidden Gems

More women are needed to put their stamp on the art of movie-making.

The movie world is a complex environment. Make engaging and quality films is an art form that takes a lot of time, effort, resources and importantly, the right creative team, to produce something worthy of the ‘big screen’. Most of the pressure falls on the director to take the words on the script and transform them into a visual and auditory experience that is not only enjoyably captivating, but also takes a unique look at the world.


Origin Story

Superhero origin stories, sequels, crossovers, reboots, spin-offs and stand-offs… it’s official, the world has been whipped into a superhero frenzy. Or, maybe it’s just the Man of Steel trying to get the earth to rotate in the opposite direction to turn back time like he did in Superman (1978)?


The rise of intelligent apes

Primates have been made the villains of several movies and franchises over the decades. But two new releases of the primate nature – Kong: Skull Island and War of the Planet of the Apes, both make these animals much more than mindless beasts.

Dark Knight

It’s a Batman’s World…

There’s always been an inextricable link between James Bond and Bruce Wayne. Both are suave, sophisticated gentlemen with a seemingly unlimited expense account and a rogue side, who have a penchant for flamboyant villains, femme fatales, armoured cars, martinis and cool gadgets. The iconic Hollywood characters have remained popular, reflecting the mercurial ideals of masculinity through the ages.

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