IT sector lacks human skills – it’s a problem

Now, more than ever, technology permeates our lives every day. It’s not just a business productivity tool, it’s how we order up entertainment, shop, ‘do’ life. This has changed forever the way the traditional IT sector – IT vendors and providers – bring solutions to market and is proving more often than not that they don’t have the deep cultural understanding or the necessary human and emotional quotient they need.

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Hidden Gems

More women are needed to put their stamp on the art of movie-making.

The movie world is a complex environment. Make engaging and quality films is an art form that takes a lot of time, effort, resources and importantly, the right creative team, to produce something worthy of the ‘big screen’. Most of the pressure falls on the director to take the words on the script and transform them into a visual and auditory experience that is not only enjoyably captivating, but also takes a unique look at the world.


Small is the new big in entertainment

Small is the new big when it comes to movies and TV: the hot new trends are for shorter series, bite-sized video clips and everything viewed on smaller screens.

Times have changed in the world of entertainment, and the days of made-for-TV movies being the low- budget ‘poor cousin’ of big screen blockbusters are over.


Make Mandela week a ‘change the world’ film fest

While Nelson Mandela Day is officially the late great leader’s birthday – 18 July – the event has become so popular that it’s expanded into an entire week of good works to improve humanity. But far too many South African kids and tweens will be oblivious as to why they’re doing 67 minutes of anything for good.


The rise of intelligent apes

Primates have been made the villains of several movies and franchises over the decades. But two new releases of the primate nature – Kong: Skull Island and War of the Planet of the Apes, both make these animals much more than mindless beasts.

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